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Behavior Expectations/School Rules

  • Student Behavior in Relation to School PersonnelIn order to safeguard the right of students to learn and teachers to teach, certain minimal standards of conduct are necessary and must be observed. Students need to treat all school personnel with respect, kindness, and dignity.
  • Student Behavior Toward Other StudentsEach student is expected to respect the rights of others. Each student also has an obligation to promote and safeguard an atmosphere where all learning and enrichment activities can take place without fear of disruption.
  • Public Health, Safety, and Traffic RegulationsParents, students, and school personnel are responsible for avoiding hazards and preventing harm, injury, fear, or inconvenience to other students. Rules that are established to promote and to protect the physical well being of all persons must be observed, practiced, and obeyed for the benefit of all.  
  • PropertySchool property and facilities are important and necessary to the total teaching/learning process. Acts of destruction or vandalism will destroy the attractiveness of the school environment and often deprive students of a quality education. Students must share the responsibility, as all citizens should, to see that property rights are protected and properly maintained. Students and their parent/guardians are responsible for all school property lost or damaged. Grades, diplomas, and transcripts may be withheld until arrangements have been made to pay for the lost or damaged property.