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About Us

Salisbury High School is a well-established high school that has been serving students for over 40 years. The staff tries to maintain a family-type atmosphere in which students are treated with respect and are expected to perform as responsible young adults. The Salisbury staff believes that we have the responsibility to see to it that our students have all the educational opportunities that we are able to provide for them. But more than this, is the fact we are concerned first with the
students as individuals. Salisbury provides a student-centered learning environment in which staff works closely with students one-on-one. Our goal is to improve students’ attendance, academics, and attitudes. Our school philosophy dictates that once students gain an understanding of themselves, their issues, and responsibilities, they can then concentrate on learning. It is also important that the school environment helps the student to enjoy the learning process, thereby
giving school meaning and relevance.

Vision_Statement Card IconVision Statement

Improve our community by educating and empowering our students.

Values Card IconValues


Mission_Statement Card IconMission Statement

Provide opportunities, resources, and support to ALL students and staff.

Strategic_Goal Card IconStrategic Goal

We will succeed by ensuring all students learn every day by building professional collaboration and supportive relationships along with the effective use of data to drive student learning.